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NOW - 13.02.2013 - back on stage

13. 02. 2013, 23:59 | by DEREVO

What an exceptional human being is living among us!
Never gives any master classes; never goes to the theatre but still when she does see something, she always offers praise; never starts serious talks about art.
And if they talk about Butoh or dance or theatre, she would just run away.
More likely sitting in a corner, busy with costumes. Respectful but indifferent toward Music, although she made her own CD “The man kissing the bottom of a boat”.


Elena Yarovaya in MEPHISTO WALTZ. Photo - Anna BogodistElena Yarovaya in MEPHISTO WALTZ. Photo - Anna Bogodist Elena Yarovaya in HARLEKIN. Photo - Roman EkimovElena Yarovaya in DIA GNOSE. Photo - Carola Fritzsche


However, no any single DEREVO show would exist without her.
And two years long editing of the film, ‘Süd. Grenze’, it’s hers.
And Fanchulya in The Rider.
And Donna Flora in Once… and Zhizha and the Jester in La Divina Commedia, along with many other inimitable characters and figures.


Elena Yarovaya in Jester Empire. Photo - Isolde MatkeyElena Yarovaya in HARLEKIN. Photo - Dieter HartwigElena Yarovaya in LA DIVINA COMMEDIA. Photo  - D. PiwowarskiElena Yarovaya in ONCE... Photo - Sergey Kuznetsov


There were times she was ill or busy and someone had to replace her but it was never quite the same.
Not enough DEREVO…
Though she does no somersaults and breathes no fire,
It’s impossible to avert your eyes when she’s on stage.
And now after one and a half year break (the cause is known) Elena Yarovaya comes back on boards in HARLEKIN: on March the 1st in St Petersburg! And in Mephisto Waltz on March 23d in Warsaw and in La Divina Commedia on March 29th to 31st in Hellerau in Dresden.


Elena Yarovaya in ROBERT'S DREAM. Photo - Carola FritzscheElena Yarovaya in TotenTanz. Photo - C. FriedlanderElena Yarovaya in Weisse Festung. Photo - Sylvio DittrichElena Yarovaya in Wheels of Power. Photo - Nicole van Hasselt


Thank you!



Elena Yarovaya in the film Süd. Grenze by DEREVO


English text editor: Daniel Williams