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NOW - 15.05.2014 - INFERNAL BALL

15. 05. 2014, 01:02 | by DEREVO

For DEREVO this year: five projects
And I’ve pierced them all with a single quill.
I want to talk about the man who writes, creating, with his heart bleeding for humanity.
A cliché, obviously.
But we are DEREVO: if we do something we’ll punch you right between the eyes…
Thanks to you guys who nodded and didn’t say a word.
But it’s like falling from the sky onto bared bayonets, diving into other’s miseries, their destinies and deaths.
And though it looks rather colourful on stage, even merry… we prepare for this show in a different mood.
Thankyou to the Hungarians! When a Hungarian dance begins everything else backs far, far away…
So now I think the answer might be this: stand in a circle, join hands and go round and round dancing…
Till we fall, laughing
Somebody has been born right at this moment!


Photo - Judit HorvathPhoto - Sylvio DittrichPhoto - Judit HorvathPhoto - Posztos JanosPhoto - Sylvio Dittrich
Photo - Judit HorvathPhoto - Sylvio DittrichPhoto - Igor AnosovPhoto - Igor AnosovPhoto - Sylvio Dittrich
Photo - Igor AnosovPhoto - Sylvio DittrichPhoto - Posztos JanosPhoto - Igor AnosovPhoto - Judit Horvath
Photo - Sylvio DittrichPhoto - Judit HorvathPhoto - Judit HorvathPhoto - Posztos JanosPhoto - Judit Horvath
Photo - Judit Horvath


Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: David Kemp
Photo: Judit Horvath, Igor Anosov, Sylvio Dittrich, Janos Posztos