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NOW - 19.10.2008

20. 10. 2008, 20:22 | by DEREVO


The cat dies. Her name was Pookha. She used to live with Lyuda Lipeiko, manager of the art-centre BEREG, but not only there. It happens to cats. And not only to cats.

And then a dream comes. At four in the morning.

“Hi Lyuda. It’s me, Pookha. I was born! I’m a girl! Quick, into the kitchen, write down an address. Ready? Ol’hovsk, Monchegorskaya 6″.

This address is found in the morning at the kitchen table - firm pencil writing in a margin of Krishnamurti’s book “Freedom from the Known”.

Anyone providing more information on a cat-Pookha-girl will be rewarded.

sunday_catmalenkaia_sologubcould-be-the-best poster for DiaGnose. Koreane_puha

Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Photo: Elena Yarovaya
Photo design: Elena Yarovaya

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