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DOPPIO – a new album by Anton Adasinsky & The Positive Band

The story of DOPPIO

In the Autumn 1982, as I was already admitted to the Licedei Studio of Slava Polunin, I still had to finish my classic guitar exams. Something from Carcassi ought to be played, I don't quite gather which piece exactly... Anyway it wasn't a particularly difficult one. But it still didn't help really. On terms of an utter exception I asked them if I may play it again. They knew me well and agreed. So I boldly played it two times faster than normal. It wasn't a music though.

I still recall the expression on the face of my teacher, who was gnawing on his unlit pipe... Next day we were walking around St. Vladimir's Cathedral. I hardly paid attention to what he was saying, for I was late for the mime studio. Somehow it had already been settled by then, so it didn't really hurt as he spoke „You should really make your choice, Anton“.

Eight years of guitar, eight years of music. This is how I become like what I am in my life and on stage. The Doppio album is my homage to the tidiness of those years: clean nails (this was particularly important) and ironed shirts...

Soon I will be making the motion picture „Doppio“. I don't know with whom or by whose means. It doesn't matter. I will do this.

Both first and last scenes take place on a stage. There are three figures, three myselves: an Actor, a Dancer and a Musician.

And I will be the fourth one, playing the role of someone who used to know me very well at the music school. At his datcha I heard Jefferson Airplane “Coming back to me” for the first time.

“Could you tell us something about Anton Adasinsky?”

“Oh... I don't quite know where to start. Well, first of all he didn't like shaking hands...”

DOPPIO has been created by:

  • Anton Adasinsky
  • Nikolay Gusev
  • Igor Timofeev
  • Andrey Sizintzev
  • Alexey Rakhov
  • Viktor Vyrvich
  • and others
  • Mixing: Vadim "Vadich" Tverdyukov
  • Mastering: Frithjof Rödel, Atomino Studio

DOPPIO is dedicated to my Music Teachers:

  • Evgeny Larionov
  • Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky
  • Roman Dubinnikov

Thank you!

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