2 & 3 January   Anton Adasinsky plays Drosselmeyer in the Tschaikovsky's "Nutcracker" (Production - Mikhail Chemiakin), Mariinskiy Theatre, St. Petersburg (RU)  

I eagerly await the night time. I welcome those heavy cloud-palms which hide me from the sun, the shining eye of the cyclops-god. There’s no anxiety or misery in my dreams. Or at least I do not actually sense any anxiety. There are deaths and flights, seas, pursuits and love...

17 January "ISLANDS", Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen (NL)
18 January "ISLANDS", Theater De Tamboer, Hoorgeveen (NL)
10 - 13 Feb.   Action "Carnivals of St.Petersburg" by Mikhail Chemiakin & DEREVO, Venice (IT)  

I received a letter. My fear of pathological frankness turned my letter to myself into a letter from myself to him. Both situations are true. Well. It’s hard to explain on the phone...

15 & 16 Feb. Anton Adasinsky - Workshops - as part of the TANZPLAN project, Dresden (DE) For the Carnival in Venice there are Slava Polunin, Mikhail Chemiakin, Anton Adasinskiy & DEREVO, Dmitry Shagin, seven small and four tall people gathered, as well as many more artists...
8 & 9 March  

DEREVO action as part of the TOTENTANZ project, Dreikönigskirche, Dresden (DE)
see also TOTENTANZ 2001

  After the «Mad_in_Japan» project in St. Petersburg DEREVO came to Japan with a project «Mad_in_Russia». And there are lots of things happened on that days.
15 - 18 March DEREVO action as part of the Poly-national Arts Carnival, Yokohama (JP)
19 March DEREVO action as part of the Poly-national Arts Carnival (JP)
20 - 21 March DEREVO action as part of the Poly-national Arts Carnival, Tokyo (JP)
22 - 24 March DEREVO action as part of the Poly-national Arts Carnival (JP)
4 - 6 April   "KETZAL", Golden Mask Festival, Teatr Luny, Moscow (RU)  

Robert has traveled to Italy; visited the city where he was born and shot his
doctor dead.

At the 13th Russian national theatre festival “Zolotaya Maska” (Golden Mask) in Moscow DEREVO received an award in the category “Innovation”.

13 & 14 April "ONCE...", Teatro Niccolini, San Casciano (IT)
18 - 20 April "ROBERT'S DREAM", Jack&Joe Theatre, Cerbaia near Florence (IT)
26 & 27 April "ROBERT'S DREAM", Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)
28 & 29 April "KETZAL", Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)
4 & 5 May   "KETZAL", Sapņu Fabrika, Riga (LV)  

B. Korea. People are light, like the weight of a five year old child for an adult man.
A. If people will live like THAT, than it is good to live.
B. They like colourful things and white gloves.
A. Every day – thousands of clear deeds and visits.
They weren’t a result of rules,
planning of the future...

13 & 15 May "ROBERT'S DREAM", Korea Busan Festival, Busan Culture Center, Nam-Gu, Busan, (Korea)
21 - 25 May DEREVO Workshops, Korea Chenchuan Festival, Mime House, Chuncheonsi, Gangwondo, (Korea)
28 & 29 May "KETZAL", Korea Chenchuan Festival, Mime House, Chuncheonsi, Gangwondo, (Korea)
31 May DEREVO Action, Korea Chenchuan Festival, Mime House, Chuncheonsi, Gangwondo, (Korea)
14 - 17 June   "KETZAL", Sao Paolo (Brasil)  

There’s no chance to avoid the questions.

“Anton, what is your new performance “DIAGNOSE” about?”

I will search for the words again, not to offend someone and not to burst into tears because of the nonsense I’m talking...

19 & 20 June "KETZAL", CCBB Theatre, Londrina (Brasil)
23 & 24 June "KETZAL", Brasilia (Brasil)
29 & 30 June "KETZAL", Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)
1 July   "KETZAL", Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)   A boy grown up in the streets of the Brazil Carnival. A jester and an
acrobat. In the old days – the star of Brazilian circus, and now – a
grayish bird, Dimmer. He plunged us into the night life of Brasilia...
2 - 23 July DEREVO Project in Mannheim (DE) - rehearsals, set-up
24 - 29 July "WHEEL of POWER", DEREVO Project in Mannheim (DE)
2 August   DEREVO action in Görlitz near Dresden (DE)  

There’s some annoyance in my sleep: should I change jobs? But there are obscure liabilities. This is not my dream. A sort of a junk movie »»

Several ways of living for those who want to devote their life to the arts »

3 August "KETZAL", Görlitz near Dresden (DE)
5 August "KETZAL", Jelenia Gora (PL)
18 & 19 August "ISLANDS", Teatr Na Woli, Warsaw (PL)
8 September   DEREVO opens the Dublin Fringe Festival, Dublin (IE)   After uneasy and sleepless days in Mannheim (girls, tractors & night elegy) we found ourselves in Dublin. We were going to open the big Fringe festival. We couldn’t realize it at the start...
10 - 12 Sept. "KETZAL", Fringe Festival, Dublin (IE)
14 & 15 Sept. "ROBERT'S DREAM ", at.tension#2 Festival, Flugplatz Lärz (DE)
5 Oct.   "Tula", Solo by Elena Shtykova,
sound design by Daniel Williams;
"Gioconda's Smile", Solo by Roman Gabria,
music by Frieder Zimmermann;
, Dresden (DE)

And we gladly finish the long promised “news” about the great days in Mannheim. Nothing to add actually. Maybe I wasn’t in time to say one loud THANK YOU to everyone.

THANK YOU, guys! Great job. Fantastic project. »»

6 Oct. "ONCE...", Kunstfest Rügen, Rügen (DE)
9 Oct. "ROBERT'S DREAM", Palac Akropolis, Prague (CZ)
12 Oct. TOTENTANZ.007 project, St.Pauli-Kreuzkirche, Chemnitz (DE)
22 - 24 Oct. DEREVO Workshop, Reus (ES)
26 Oct. "ROBERT'S DREAM", Reus (ES)
28 Oct. "Life of the Barbuzons ", Max Didenko and Roman Gabria, Sociataetstheater, Dresden (DE)
5 & 6 Nov.   "KETZAL", The Nuffield Theatre, Southhampton (UK)  

I was walking through the night in Prague with Robert. He was
absent-minded… was hurrying somewhere.
At the reception in the hotel he left me a note “…I’ll see you later. You know how to find me…”

Then it was St.P. I’ve met my friends, but not all, whom I’d like to thank...

8 - 10 Nov. "KETZAL", Brewhouse theatre, Taunton (UK)
21 - 23 Nov . "KETZAL", Komedia, Brighton (UK)
December   Shooting of the new film by DEREVO "DIAGNOSE". Director: Anton Adasinsky, Camera: Andrey Gladkih.  

DEREVO wishes you merry & happy holidays in the past, presence and future. Have a wonderful year 2008!

We are working on a new performance “DIA GNOSE” to be premiered tomorrow in Hellerau in Dresden.

27 - 29 Dec.   PREMIERE!!! "DIA GNOSE", New DEREVO performance at Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)  
31 Dec. "ONCE...", Dresden (DE)

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