10 & 11 January "DIA GNOSE", Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig (DE)  

So it’s over, our three year long odyssey entitled “DEREVO’s soldiers”.
They were wonderful years. Everyone knew from the very first day that we would go our own ways sooner or later...

13 January "DIA GNOSE", Schauspielhaus, Chemnitz (DE)
20 January Anton Adasinsky plays Drosselmeyer in the Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker". Production by Mikhail Chemiakin. Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg (RU)
1 February   "ONCE...", Theater Estrada, Moscow (RU)      
2 February   "KETZAL", Theater Estrada, Moscow (RU)
11 February   "ONCE...", Samara Drama Theatre, Samara (RU)
12 February   "KETZAL", Samara Drama Theatre, Samara (RU)
15 February   "KETZAL", Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)
16 & 17 Feb.   "ONCE...", Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)
6 March   "KETZAL", Cultural Centre Kiasma, Helsinki (FI)  

So we’ve been to Samara, St. Petersburg, Moscow…

Something happened to us or to the people who are here for us.
Now they all really-really want us to be and to live,
Although I’ve had some other plans recently.
And the black cloud is covering the birthmarks and the stubble…

7 March "Süd. Grenze", Film by DEREVO, Dom Kino, St. Petersburg (RU)
9 March Anton Adasinsky plays Drosselmeyer in the Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker". Production by Mikhail Chemiakin. Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg (RU)
11 - 16 March "The Gospel of Anton", "Entresol" Club, St. Petersburg (RU)
20 - 21 March Workshops by Anton Adasinsky, "Lyudi Dozhdya" Theatre (Monchegorskaya St. 10b), St. Petersburg (RU)
25 March "Tula", solo performance by Elena Shtykova, music by Frieder Zimmerman, "Entresol" Club, St. Petersburg (RU)
23 - 26 April   "DIA GNOSE", Jack & Joe Theatre, Cerbaia near Florence (IT)  

In March at the „Entresol“ I performed a series of improvisations. I was happy and I am still happy now...

27 April Anton Adasinsky plays Drosselmeyer in the Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker". Production by Mikhail Chemiakin. Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg (RU)
9 May   Wolves' Tango, action by DEREVO, GogolFest, Kiev (UA)   It turned out to be possible in ten days to play “THE GOSPEL OF ANTON” in Florence, fly to St. Petersburg the same night and dance in the “Nutcracker”, meet the participants of the concert “Vsyo Khorosho!” there, go to Moscow and look at the future performance location in “WinZavod”, come back to Italy, get in the car and drive to France to Mikhail Chemiakin, to find there Slava Polunin and to...


20 - 25 May "Windrose. The Game", an open-air performance by DEREVO, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)
1 June   "Wolves' Tango", open-air action by DEREVO, Festival "Ginger Elephant", Petrodvorets, Dvortsovaya pl., St. Petersburg (RU)  

How good it is to sit on a perch under the table and look at the leaves and insects flowing in streams below! A big creature is stirring beside me, Maxim Isaev...

11 & 12 June "Vsyo khorosho!", a concert by DEREVO & friends, Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)
19 June "DIA GNOSE", Teatr Śląski, Katowice (PL)
26 - 29 June "ONCE...", Belo Horizonte (BR)
3 - 6 July   DEREVO presents: Tanya Luzay, Elena Shtyckova (St. Petesburg) & Evgeniya Chetvertkova (Moscow) at XI. Schaubudensommer Festival, Dresden (DE)  

No tickets from Moscow to St. Petersburg. None and never. Bought myself a place in the conductor’s compartment. In Tver two young-and-wonderful boarded...

August       Annual three days long exercise “Hello, School!”: During these three days you shouldn’t watch TV, listen to radio, read any newspapers. Avoid a computer. Better do it alone and silent...
29 September   "DIA GNOSE", Akropolis Theatre, Prague (CZ)  

The first problems emerge early, when she is 11… a huge, uncontrollable desire to touch women’s breasts. Sometimes she does it and garners bewildered looks. She tries to break up all the couples that surround her. She flirts with a boy or tells lies about him to a girl.

October       The cat dies. Her name was Pookha. She used to live with Lyuda Lipeiko, manager of the art-centre BEREG, but not only there. It happens to cats. And not only to cats...
5 November   "ONCE..." played by child actors as part of the action by DEREVO, "Bol'shaya Peremena" Festival for Children, Moscow (RU)      
6 November "ONCE...", "Bol'shaya Peremena" Festival for Children, Moscow (RU)
8 November "ONCE...", Nizhny Novgorod (RU)
12 & 13 Nov. "DIA GNOSE", Teatr na Liteynom, St. Peterbsurg (RU)
22 November "Vsyo khorosho!", a concert by DEREVO & friends, Club "Place", St. Petersburg (RU)
25 & 26 Nov. "ONCE...", Nice (FR)
28 November "DIA GNOSE", Theater im. Vahtangova, Moscow (RU)
29 & 30 Nov. "ONCE...", Theater im. Vahtangova, Moscow (RU)
2 December   "DIA GNOSE", Samara (RU)  

Buy a postage stamp of Borneo and put it in your purse; Smoke under the blanket; Paint the cat with the green hairspray; Draw a target on a TV screen; Put a portrait of Musorgsky in the corner; Write all things you’re not allowed to do on the wallpaper; Eat at 2 a.m. in front of a mirror...

3 December   "ONCE...", Samara (RU)  
14 December "The Gospel of Anton", an Action by Anton Adasinsky and DEREVO, Lodz Theatre Meeting (Festival of alternative theatres), Lodz (PL)
26 & 27 Dec. "DIA GNOSE", Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE). Tickets online »
28 & 29 Dec. "ONCE...", Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)
31 December "Vsyo khorosho!", a concert by DEREVO & friends, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)

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