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21. 03. 2010

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Hi Anton,

You wouldn’t remember me probably. It’s St. Petersburg, former Leningrad. I saw you yesterday on the street but was too shy to say hello. Besides, it was just too noisy.

I have heard quite a lot about you. Recently I read a nice interview of yours, some girl dropped it somewhere. Well done. I’m almost envying you.

And I’m looking like some terrible creature. It’s OK for now, when the snow is still there. But in Summer it becomes really awful. I’m old now. And this damn salt they use against the ice… I’m stinking like a foul stockfish. I used to look after myself but I just gave up. Who values it anyway? Old good Petersburger chaps are passing, there’s nobody to talk to in the good Russian. And I don’t really understand those youngsters, we hardly can become friends. They seem to ignore me. They think instead of New York. By the way, the latter called me yesterday. It sounded tired. Though it was trying to save face. You know them, Americans…

And I’m not really fond of travelling anymore. Do you remember as I went on a short trip in 1993 and right away the mushrooms attacked the Leningrad area? I hardly could stop them.

I’m not in the best mood now, you see. I’m looking forward to Victory Day though. I like it when they march on me… it tickles!

Remember as you were leaving and told me to be careful with helping people. You also said something about the dead Teotihuacan, who

said that the Force goes first, then the Priests and then the people. Or have I mixed something up? Could you write me more precisely? It’s really important to me.

This Spring I am hoping to clean myself properly, wash away all this dirt. The snow should be enough but it will be nearly impossible because of the dyke. Maybe I should move away, Anton. What do you think?

When you are here again, just show up. Maybe we can spend some time together sitting on the Naryshkin bastion.

It’s not looking good with my internet access right now. Just write me per Neva river.

best regards,

Yours truly

St. Petersburg

P.S. Many greetings to Berlin




Positive Band

“Vse razoshlis’…”

Lyrics by Arseny Tarkovsky

Anton Adasinsky - music, guitar, vocals
Igor Timofeev - guitar, vocals
Nikolay Gusev - keyboards, vocals
Andrey Sizintsev - percussion, vocals
Viktor Vyrvich - percussion
Alexey Rakhov - percussion, saxophone


English text editor: Jennifer Williams


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  1. Лех Says:

    Они розошлись, но мы погружаемся в воду, волны нас омывают, приятная ласка стихии, WORLD WATER DAY…

  2. La Pirate du Sud Says:

    Вначале - детское ожидание. Доверчивое и нежное, такое же как свет в автобусе. Когда увидела Антона - такое же детское ликование. Все, что было - было правильно, прошедшим годам и событиям - спасибо. Даже при очках чувствуется мне, что там, где двадцать лет назад было пламя, сейчас - свет

  3. Пилюгин Михаил Says:

  4. Maria Says:

    Спасибо, что вы есть!
    Через все расстояния…

  5. Кирилл Says:

  6. roman Says:

    С днем рождения, Антон!

  7. Наталья Says:

    Здоровья, сил, радости!!!
    Приезжайте к нам чаще - мы скучаем!

  8. zanetko Says:

    ich freu mich auf den sommer. mit euch. sonnige grüße lächelnd.

  9. Дмитрий Says:

    Питер это да..

  10. Дмитрий Says:

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