NOW - 19.11.2012 - Boris Strugatsky

20. 11. 2012

A. Adasinsky as Don Rumata. Film auditions from 1999 for "Hard to be a God" by Alexey German, based on A. and B. Strugatsky's novel. Photo by S. Aksenov

And so it goes.

Either due to lack of sleep or due to some general weariness but tears came right away when I’ve read „Boris Strugatsky is dead“.

I never knew it would entrain me so much.

He wasn’t a „writer“ or „sci-fi author“. It was just the easiest way to define Strugatsky brothers.

But it’s more complicated.

They were like a transmitter on a wave which is not hitting those who’s „harmless“.

Remember this? We all hear just one voice in each one’s telephone receiver, though we do hear different things. („Disquiet“ / „Snail on the Slope“)

Maybe sometime we’ll find out what their warnings, their discoveries, their predictions were about.

I’ve been pushing the „Snail…“ among all my friends, stoned admirers of Berdyaev, Crowley and Castaneda. But it wasn’t in fashion then.

Please read them now.

Boris Strugatsky didn’t die.

Aliens do not die. It must be some other word. We don’t know it yet.



Text: Anton Adasinsky
Photo: Sergey Aksenov (Anton Adasinsky as Don Rumata. Film auditions from 1999 for Hard to be a God by Alexey German, based on A. and B. Strugatsky’s novel)



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  1. Тамара Ларина Says:

    молчание - лучший комментарий
    хочу к инопланетянам
    спасибо, Антон!

  2. MaryJane Says:

    Самое трогательное и точное из того что я прочитала о Борисе Стругацком за эти два дня.

  3. - Says:

    Strugatzki, guter Name.

  4. Яков Says:

    Да, уход Стругацких - большая потеря. Для меня они были эталоном, которые формировали и прививали вкус к чтению книг ещё в детстве:-(
    Но если просто близкие люди остаются в нашей памяти, то Стругацкие будут жить и в своих произведениях, а значит они не потеряны и для следующих поколений

  5. Asharaf Says:

    Was war eigentlich die Perestroika? -

    war sie unblutig?, - blutig? -

    wurden Menschen ermordet? -

    oder sind sie davongekommen?. -

  6. sake Says:

    drinking the sake,
    bringing some thinking on the stage.
    not girls only crying in thier Mösenrepertier. -

    mans lying on the ground. -
    take thier fingers and draw some sings in the sand. -

    not morpheus was here. -
    not virus in the system -
    please a little bit love -
    - not only woman without any thinking inside. -