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WindRose project. Video

10. 06. 2008, 01:47 | by DEREVO
to live / жить, to see / видеть

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  1. Heiki Ikkola Says:

    I saw Windrose three times, and if the season would have been longer - I think I would have been there more than three times. It was fun to “read” your bodies, also see which changes you did from show to show. For me Windrose was a journee through nearly all aspects of our contemporary longings, difficulties, fears, dreams and pains in strong ans poetical archetypic pictures and movements. Thank you for this performance!
    To be there several times was a bit like becoming a part of it, discover new details from time to time.
    I was remembered to the first Derevo-Performance I saw in Magdeburg in 1992. - Now I am 16 years older - and again (or still) Derevo, and specially Anton, are great performing artists - never becoming tired to ask questions, to turn the wheel - - also when they are actually tired …
    Thank you for all the performances all this years - thank you for Windrose - and great that Oleg and Akhe were with you.
    See you at SchaubudenSommer. - Heiki