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NOW - 17.05.2010 - Black Dance

17. 05. 2010, 18:41 | by DEREVO

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I’ve got some thoughts. Just like any other being.
Some are reflections of the surrounding world,
Some are the past, chewed and re-chewed again,
Some are dreams of the future.
Overall it’s a jumble which is hardly worth any classification.
When I’m on stage my thoughts contain no more words.
It’s just another kind of the brain activity. Can’t explain it better. Many years of exercises and performances have lead to that particular result.
But sometimes some childish questions come into my head. I ‘listen’ to them, I laugh and it’s a quite a cheerful mood I’m in then.

Here’s the first piece of the series of audio / video compositions; Black Dance. I like the form. Maybe I can explain something in that way?

(English text editor: Jennifer Williams)




Camera & cut: Andrey Gladkikh
Dancers: Anton Adasinsky, Tatyana Khabarova, Elena Yarovaya
Music: Dmitriy Tyulpanov, Daniel Williams, Igor Timofeyev
Text: Anton Adasinsky



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