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do you speak English as mother tongue?… you could help!

21. 07. 2013, 20:39 | by DEREVO

Photo by Anna Bogodist

Dear friends,

right now and rather urgently Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO are looking for a long-term support from a native speaker (English) to either translate Anton’s texts directly from Russian or proof-read / edit our own translations.


  • an interest in the DEREVO’s style / way of life
  • experience in working with literary and artistic texts or poetry
  • high availability on-line

As you can see, there’s not so much work but if there’s any it’s urgent. It’s mostly for this web-site.

A voluntary collaboration is very welcome (some bonuses are possible when visiting DEREVO shows). However, if there are any interested professionals around, the terms can be discussed at any time.

As soon as you can help us with this matter, there will be the next issues of Anton’s NOW.



Please e-mail your suggestions to Daniel, DEREVO’s web-master at

Thank you!