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NOW - 7 Hertz

19. 12. 2013, 23:18 | by DEREVO

At once both the Bermuda islands and flying Dutchmen came to mind…

A village where the pavements are covered in marble, the seafront is paved with something uncommon…
Each shack is of an original design…
Fountains and wonder-yards.
But then something must have happened,
And now everything and everywhere – is for sale.
The people have driven, walked, flown away
There are no more night cafés and parties
A few hotels are still working, but things aren’t easy there either
Lonely and cheerless nudists gather there…
Solitude there is justified – the wind makes speaking impossible.
It has always roared and always will…
And the waves.

Now – listen.
In any place I always find a local pub
Found one there too. Perhaps, too local, since from six in the evening everyone there lies plastered.
One of the “horizontal heroes” – Steve from Amsterdam, told me that on that terrible day he had been drunk since morning, so he remembers nothing besides his heartbeat and the desire to crawl under the bed…
And it was on that day the WAVE came.
Everyone who stayed on in the village says roughly the same.
There had been no wind all morning.
A miracle in itself!
People poured out into the streets to discuss this, and then a strange thing happened: everyone’s ears became blocked and the people ran from the coast into the mountains
Only the children failed to react, but they were also hauled away.
In the evening everyone returned home, but no one was able to sleep.
The next morning, the same thing happened…
They blamed the spirits, African winds or other evils.
Fish were not caught for a week, and folk began leaving…
But Steve stayed on – “Your coffee, Anton, 50 cents!..”
When he found out what I do, he dragged me off to see the theatre!
The “theatre” was to my liking, as was everything else that remained in that village.
The wind is still roaring in my ears, and Arthur and David are convinced that that was how the Ocean spoke to them.


A houseRocksA houseWaiting...
TheaterA boatA monumentWaves do never stop


Text: Anton Adasinsky
Translation: Ruth O’Dowd, Pavel Glebov
Photos: Elena Yarovaya, Anton Adasinsky


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