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NOW - 13.02.2010

13. 02. 2010, 10:37 | by DEREVO


Hi Zhanna!
Do you remember?
Do you remember?
“I’ve been to a wonderful land
Where reefs bathe in amber waves…”

And in Moscow in the tiny kitchen Lenya Leikin and I showed you some funny pantomimes…

Do you remember how you sent me for flowers at 6 a.m.?
“What the f*ck, man? Where are the flowers? In a flash… to the metro!!”

And that wonderfully unexpected encounter in Edinburgh… You stayed overnight in our house and slept on the huge bed with Dima

with your feet on the pillow (just in case). Next morning Dima smoked many cigarettes analyzing it: “I haven’t got plastered with Grebenschikov yet but already slept with Aguzarova…”

And we found that wonderful land… Maybe you didn’t know that it existed. Did you know at that time? Did you? Just guessed, perhaps?

And I saw everything that you sang about. And we found the corner of the island with the three Thai rastas. And we met the shark. And I was sick almost to death.

Lena attended the school for monkeys and for Thai cuisine. She was quite proud of herself after reading that she’s not only an Itelmen but also a Navajo.

And I was sweeping the beach, smoking out the mosquitoes and didn’t touch the guitar, just ate sunbeams instead. Thanks, I’m full now.

Nobody was there anyway. And no thoughts too.

And waving your arm means an explosion of the glistering night water.
And the elephant’s trunk is soppy. They’re very lonely, you know.
And Bob Marley from Dawn to Dusk…

I do know what I’m doing. I explained it in hundreds of interviews.
But I didn’t manage to explain it to the rasta brothers.
It wasn’t necessary. Just – hello Sun, hello Water!

In our performance Islands we’ve guessed right quite everything – the
colour and Captain The Janitor, the glowing fishes and the running

We just need to add the shark…

“And in the meantime”, whisper the emerald (amber) lips into the amber (emerald) mouth, “you can have a look at the new photos of the HARLEKIN performance, as well as the new old photos of the TOTENTANZ 07 project . And the wind will comb your hair.”





Text: Anton Adasinsky
English text editor: Jennifer Williams
Photo: Anton Adasinsky, Elena Yarovaya, Alexandra Kavalova
Photo design: Elena Yarovaya