29 January "ONCE...", Cultureel Centrum, Hasselt (BE) Some etudes will never be seen again. Not because they were bad. No, just the time hasn't come yet, or it might have been just too out of it...
31 January "ONCE...", Theater der Stadt, Schweinfurt (DE)
03 February "ONCE...", Lindenhalle, Ehingen (DE) taking turns exercising - one of the favourite activities: at the speed of 140 km standing on one leg with the eyes closed - some are singing, some are drumming - no radio in the car - at 3 pm arriving at the theatre - the decorations are ready, light is getting there, the technicians sleep during the day and wherever possible
04, 05, 06 February "ONCE...", Burghof, Lörrach (DE)
07 February "ONCE...", Kulturzentrum Wolfgang-Eychmueller-Haus, Vöhringer (DE)
10 February "ONCE...", Reithalle, Offenburg (DE)
11 February "ONCE...", Theater de Flint, Amersfoort (NL)
12 February "ONCE...", Stadthalle, Rheine (DE)
13 February "ONCE...", Theater, Lingen (DE)
14 February "ONCE...", Zaantheater, Zaandam (NL)
20 / 21 February "ONCE...", Music Hall, Athen (GR)
  DEREVO plays DEREVO in the jubilee programme of 10 years Golden Mask Festival, Teatr Luny (Theatre of Moon), Moscow (RUS): DEREVO in Moscow - it's not just a part "within the framework of something..." at the moment.
Now it is a real cultural "shake-up" for the city. Interviews, TV, foto reports...
For the very first time Anton Adasinsky made his workshop open for press...
11 - 13 March "THE RIDER"
14, 15 March REFLECTION & Workshop of Anton Adasinsky
16 - 18 March "RED ZONE"
20, 21 March "ISLANDS"
26– 27 March "ISLANDS", DK Gorkogo, St.Petersburg (RUS)
23– 27 April

"LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Merlin Theater, Budapest (HUN)

How fast the Spring has come...

1 May Project with Compagnie Yvett Boszik, Merlin Theater, Budapest (HUN) From a Book called What Will Stay After
8 – 12 May "ISLANDS", The Helix, Dublin (EIR)
14 – 29 May
(exc 17 + 24)
"ISLANDS", Riverside Studios, London (UK)
31 May "ISLANDS", Salisbury Festival, Salisbury Playhouse (UK)
19 June Anton Adassinsky as "Drosselmeier" in the Ballet "Nutcracker", Mariinsky Theater (St. Petersburg) :..Pay less
get more one
for two free
charge safe
money got more
for economic
price one pizza
for hour free
for two
buy one got
second for first
free don't miss
be first
29, 30 June "ONCE...", Macau Cultural Center, Macau (China)
4, 5 July "ONCE...", Regional Golden Mask Festival, Perm (RUS) sorry, text is not available in english.
9 July "ISLANDS", Jyväskylä Festival, Jyväskylä (FI)
12, 13 July "ISLANDS", Savoy Theatre, Helsinki (FI)
23 - 25 July "ISLANDS", Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)
30 July "REFLECTION" (solo performance by Tanya Khabarova), Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)
6 - 9, 11 - 16
22, 23, 25 - 30
"REFLECTION" (solo performance by Tanya Khabarova), aurora nova @ St Stephens, Festival Edinburgh Fringe, Edinburgh (UK) Meanwhile,

Tanyushka, generally known as a very skinny person, is in fatty culturally spread Edinburgh.
23- 28 September. LA DIVINA COMMEDIA, Vertical Art-Project, Peter & Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg (RUS) "The road imprinted by seldom passing post cars went to the right, towards the mountain, and from far away they both realised a discussion able argument is on its way. They went to the sea, went to the wind, went without remembering how much is left behind and without knowing how much is ahead."
7, 8 October ISLANDS, Belgian Mime Festival, Aarschot (B)

"DEREVO's Soldiers" is a community of people, selected by Anton Adassinsky accordingly to their "soul architecture". Those who ready to spend out the measured (for everyone) amount of time and personal powers to study the system of DEREVO group. No one of them will die so simply.

9 October ISLANDS, Menen Cultural Centre, Menen (B)
14, 15 October ISLANDS, Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama (JP)
16 October Workshop-Lecture Anton Adasinskiy, Yokohama (JP)
17 October Workshop-Lecture Anton Adasinskiy, Kanazawa (JP)
19 October ISLANDS, Kanazawa Citizens’s Centre, Kanazawa (JP)
22 October ISLANDS, Shunjuza Theatre in Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto (JP)
23 October Workshop-Lecture Anton Adasinskiy, Kyoto (JP)
21 November Anton Adasinsky as "Drosselmeyer" in the Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" ballet (Mikhail Chemiakin' production). Mariinsky theatre , St.Petersburg, (RUS) Fell asleep on the plane from Tokyo. Dreaming a sniper with his trousers down. A plastic coca-cola can is on his member - he can't go to the toilet...
November / December Rehearsals for new performance KETZAL St. Petersburg / Dresden
16 - 22 December "KETZAL", Proejkttheater, Dresden (DE) - Premiere Two Mexican guys came to us after the performance... They said we are speaking in nagua in "Ketzal". An old language where a word assembled from hues isn't supposed to be translated or analyzed.
25 December "Life and Amazing Adventures of Golden Egg, Goose Foot and Moon Pierrot" – X-mas evening for adults, Proejkttheater, Dresden (DE)