3 - 4 Jan. "Scar in my soul", Projekttheater, Dresden (DE) And I received a letter. A paper one. In an envelope. With a post stamp. The letter is written by the hand of a clerk. It's from my friend from Iran. She doesn't know how to write.
13 Jan.   "Fishes scream" by DEREVO Laboratorium, St.Petersburg (RUS)  
13 Jan.   "ONCE...", Stadttheater, Lippstadt (DE)  
14 Jan.   "ONCE...", Theater Hameln, Hameln (DE)  
15 Jan.   "ONCE...", De Tambouer, Hoogeveen (NL)  
16 Jan.   "ONCE...", Stadttheater, Remscheid (DE)  
18 Jan.   "ONCE...", Stadtsaal, Vöcklabruck (AT)  
19 Jan.   "ONCE...", Stadttheater, Neuburg/Donau (DE)  
19 Jan.   "Glance of Owl" by DEREVO Laboratorium, St.Petersburg (RUS)  
20 Jan.   "ONCE...", Stadttheater, Neuburg/Donau (DE)  
10 Feb.   "KETZAL", Kulturhaus Abraxas, Augsburg (DE)   The house carried us for two years. We came to the earth and left. The house never married although it is 700 years old and has had time enough...
14 - 16 Feb.   "KETZAL", Jack and Joe Theatre, Florence (IT)  
26 Mar.   "Second Sun", Bulthaup Gallery, St. Petersburg (RU)   Somewhere it snows.
Somewhere it rains.
In St.Petersburg there is a rehearsal of the "Second Sun"
Days are getting longer.
12 Apr.   "KETZAL", Bytom (PL)  


16, 17 Apr.   "KETZAL", Arches Theatre Festival, Glasgow (UK)  
23 - 27 Apr.   "REFLECTION" (solo performance by Tanya Khabarova), Festival "WORLD STAGE: Flying Solo", Harbourfront Centre, Toronto (CA)  
3 - 8 May   VERTICAL art-project, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)   VERTICAL grows in Dresden...
14 - 15 May   Anton Adasinsky played Drosselmeyer in "The Magic Nut" ballet. Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg (RUS)  
3 - 5 Jun   "ONCE...", Burghof, Lörrach (DE)   One morning a man comes running into a café making announcements to the barman and everyone else. They all jump up and we follow them. A strange sight: on top of the fountain foam is rising higher and higher...
8 - 10 Jun   "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Burghof, Lörrach (DE)  
17, 18 Jun   "ONCE...", Neue Bühne, Villach (AT)  
2 Jul   "ARCAN", "Sztuka Ulicy" Festival, Rynek Nowego Miasta, Warsaw (PL)   Unexpected for public and for themselves DEREVO has performed "Execution and Amazing Posthumous Adventures of the Last Pierrot" in Warsaw.
9 Jul   "ARCAN", VI International Street Artists Festival, Szczecin (PL)  
11, 12 Jul   "6 cardinal points", Mini-Performances in the frame of Schaubuden Festival, Dresden (DE)  
15, 16 Jul   "KETZAL", Stadttheater, Festival "Schlosstage Idar Oberstein", Idar Oberstein (DE)  
20 Aug   “Execution or Posthumous Adventures of Pierrot”, Olsztyn (PL)   It's beautiful in Scotland.

They called me late at night. Said – Sashka is dead in Moscow. A car ran him over. I wasn't surprised. There were only six left from the original eight...

26 Aug   "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Festival Dialogue of four cultures, Lodz (PL)  
28 Aug   "ONCE...", Mime Art Festival, Teatr Na Woli, Warsaw (PL)  
29, 30 Aug   "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Festival Dialogue of four cultures, Lodz (PL)  
4 Sep   "KETZAL", Amandola Festival, Amandola (IT)   ""DEREVO is a one-way ticket," said Shtyk.
"You mean, you cannot get back?" asked Alisa.
"Why? What's the problem?" said Di. "Just go and that's all."
"Who's going?" asked Shtyk. "I'm talking quite seriously."
"And I listen quite seriously," said Ga, "and listen and feel and realise and stare at you attentively."
6 Sep   "ISLANDS", Jack an Joe Theatre, Florence (IT)  
9, 10 Sep   "KETZAL" / "ARCAN", Kolin Festival "Mimorial", Kolin (CZ)  
18 Sep   “Execution or Posthumous Adventures of Pierrot”, Warsaw (PL)  
25 - 30 Sep   VERTICAL 2005 "Mad in Japan", Music-Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)  
3 - 5 Oct   VERTICAL 2005 "Mad in Japan", Atrium Finanzministerium, Dresden (DE)   no time for news
7, 8 Oct   "KETZAL", 10th Anniversary of "Theatre Confrontations" Festival. Chatka Zaka Theatre, Lublin (PL)
12 Oct   "ISLANDS", Trinity Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells (UK)  
15, 16 Oct   Anton Adassinski & DEREVO explore their renowned physical
theatre techniques. Workshop (10.00 - 16.00), Nightingale Theatre, Brighton (UK)

18, 19 Oct

  "ISLANDS", Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton (UK)  
21, 22 Oct   "ISLANDS", Nuffield Theatre, Southampton (UK)  
24 Oct   "ISLANDS", South Hill Park, Bracknell (UK)  
26 Oct   "ISLANDS", Dartington Arts Centre, Dartington (UK)  
16 - 20 Nov   "KETZAL", National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China)   Cafe in the Port of Brighton. Chairs do not shuffle on the floor here.
Joni doesn't drink much. Just a man, and his elbows are firmly placed on the table. He's married with (to) the sea. And nobody jokes about it.
2 - 5 Dec   Anton Adasinsky as "Drosselmeyer" in the Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" ballet. (Production, stage set and costumes - Mikhail Chemiakin, Conductor - Valery Gergiev), Theatre au Chatelet, Paris (FR)  

Eduard Bersudsky's machines are able :

1. to move
2. to not move

– Ed, which wine would you drink? Red, white?
– Let it be red. It will do for the black-and-white life.

28 - 30 Dec   "Druid's Clock", co-production with Sharmanka Theatre, Royal Museum, Edinburgh (UK) - supported by Scottish Art Council