13 January "ISLANDS", Reithalle, Offenburg (DE) - near Strassbourg

Nikolay Nikitin has died. A mime, a teacher, a witness.

A fool of God’s.

He left the world and took his ease.

We dared to dedicate to him the part of LA DIVINA COMMEDIA named ‘The Cross’.

14 January   "ISLANDS", Mühlerhof Theater, Mühlacker (DE) - near Stuttgart  
15 January   "ISLANDS", Worms (DE) - near Mannheim  
17 January   "ISLANDS", Theater-Casino, Zug (CH)  
18 January   "ISLANDS", Burghof, Lörrach (DE) - near Basel  
19 January   "ISLANDS", Städtische Festhalle, Landau (DE) - near Karlsruhe  
20 January   "ISLANDS", Stadsschouwburg, Eindhoven (NL)  
21 January   "ISLANDS", Theater der Stadt, Marl (DE) - near Recklingshausen, Bochum, Essen  
22 January   "ISLANDS", Theater de Flint, Amersfoort (NL)  
February   No time to perform. Rehearsals.   DEREVO rehearses three new works simultaneously, so full of yearning we are... "Robert's Dream", "Totentanz", "The Eternal Jew". One of these works (it's interesting… which one?) will be premiered in December in Hellerau in Dresden.
10 March   "ONCE", DK Zheleznodorozhnikov, Novosibirsk (RU)   We were showing the ONCE in Krasnoyarsk. It was one of the most powerful welcomes from an audience in the last few years. After the performance some serious and big people approached. They took me aside and asked whether I die or fall asleep at the end of the performance
11 March "ISLANDS", DK Zheleznodorozhnikov, Novosibirsk (RU)
18 March "ONCE", Opera and Ballet Theatre, Krasnoyarsk (RU)
14 - 16 April   "ONCE", Music-Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)  

It is impossible to get to sleep after the performance.  We find a HUGE JIGSAW PUZZLE in a bag with no sample picture.  About three in the morning we realise we’re putting together the “ONCE..."

13 May
  "KETZAL", Ballsaal in Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig (DE)   Quick, quick!
All must know!
Now there are ten planets!
Her name is Xena-Bright-Shiny!
She is very distant!
How wonderful!
How wonderful!
18 May "KETZAL", Amalia theatre, Thessaloniki (GR)
26 - 28 May Action "Robert's Dream", Jack and Joe Theatre, Florence (IT)
1 June
  "ONCE", Teatro Gobetti, Teatro Europeo Festival, Torino (IT)   We were not going to Kronstadt. We were not departing from Bergamo. There were no two sleepless nights. There were white nights and white, white eyes. Roma Dubinnikov, hi, as yesterday. These couple of years – just the pause in the rhythm....
4 June Action "Wolves' Tango ", St. Petersburg (RU)
8 July   Action "Klarheit" ("Clarity"), Hygienemuseum, Dresden (DE)   A body doesn't get tired of dancing.  It is just the fine mechanics of feelings that fail to work.  I don't know what it is and how it works.  What machinery is that?  A soul?  A heart?  What is beating there?  Or am I being continuously beaten and is the heart just flopping between the ribs?
12 - 13 July Action "White Dance ", Schaubuden Sommer Festival, Dresden (DE)
13 July Action "Face to Face", Goethe-Institut, Dresden (DE)
17 July "KETZAL", MASZK Festival, Szeged, (HU)
21 July Action "Leben am Fluss" ("Life at the River"), as part of the Celebrations of Dresden's 800th Anniversary, near Augustus bridge / Augustusbrücke, Dresden (DE)
23 July "EXECUTION of PIERROT", Augustus bridge / Augustusbrücke, Dresden (DE)
4 - 28 August, 15.00   "KETZAL", Aurora Nova @ St. Stephens, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh (UK)  

..The journalist grows pale but doesn’t make a move. Not because of the penis. It’s clear that she has seen a variety of them: beachy-scratching, sheety-boring, officy-listening. No. It’s not good at all here. Adasinsky is mumbling something...

DEREVO now has got The HERALD ARCHANGEL for the performance KETZAL.

14 Sept., 11.00   Workshop of Anton Adasinsky, Festival VERTICAL 2006, Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)   The 29th of August will come and we shall take seats in our bus and immediately visit everything: Loch Ness and the Sharmanka Theatre in Glasgow, and the House of Sir Walter Scott, and the Museum of Feathers and.. and… or so DEREVO thought to itself at the beginning of August...
15 Sept. Action "Just like this", with a workshop participants, Festival VERTICAL 2006, Music Hall, St. Petersburg (RU)
20 Sept. Opening action, Robodock Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
22 - 23 Sept. "KETZAL", Robodok Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
30 Sept. Action "Körperfarbraum" , Hofmühle, Dresden (DE)
3 October   "KETZAL", Mask Off Festival, Düsseldorf (DE)   At the Festival “VERTICAL 2006 - Stop in Time” DEREVO has met the indian dancers and they have met DEREVO. What it resulted in - see and read, while we have to go… to go…
6 October

"KETZAL", Inkonst Theatre, Malmö (SE)

2 & 5 Nov.   PREMIERE!!!, "XO", Choreography by Elena Iarovaia, Festival "TanzHerbst", Dresden (DE)  

At the Tanzherbst Festival Anton Adasinskiy and Lena Iarovaia presented their work „X0“. “Lena, thank you! It was light and easy” I was smiling at the rehearsal, at the performance too. Now I remember that and smile. Critics called this action – “A piece for Two Living Humans”.

20 - 23 Nov. KETZAL, Merlin International Theatre, Budapest (HU)
26 Nov. Improvisations by DEREVO & Company of Yvette Bozsik, Merlin International Theatre, Budapest (HU)
26 - 28 Dec.   PREMIERE!!!, "ROBERT'S DREAM " - the new performance by DEREVO, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)  

I’m used to the fact that lots of things are unchangeable and that the tears of change do turn me on.

There’s only place for one at the top of the mountain. It is very lonely and windy there.

30 - 31 Dec.   "ONCE", Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (DE)  

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