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DEREVO open-air actions film available Online as DVD

12. 06. 2009, 19:15 | by DEREVO

From now on you can download and share the free online version of the DVD “Adventures of the Golden Egg”, the film by Andrey Gladkikh about DEREVO’s most spectacular open-air actions.

The download is provided free of charge via BitTorrent protocol. You will need a torrent client software to download it.

Download is available via free (no registration required) torrent tracker Mininova here »
If your torrent client supports direct magnet links you can also use this magnet URI »

More information about the film and the links to the YouTube version you will find here »

Here some screenshots:


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Adventures of the Golden Egg. The Film

01. 04. 2009, 00:59 | by DEREVO

Video professional Andrey Gladkih looked at the cupboard full of video tapes. Then at the second cupboard. He drank some tequila and looked at the third one.

“Something have to be done with it”, he said.

And from millions of pixels and squares and points he chose right those amazing moments where his mouth fell open or laughter came out or his beard had to be scratched (yes the work took some notable time).

You’re now invited to watch the tangram Adventures of the Golden Egg!
Film by Andrey Gladkih. DEREVO is on screen.

Part 1. Provincial Magic / 5th Wheel, St. Petersburg

Part 2. The Empire, Sovana, Italy

Part 3. Midnight Balance, St. Petersburg

Part 4. Crossing (Totentanz), Dresden

Part 5. Wheel of Power, Mannheim

Part 6. Grauzone, Dresden

Part 7. White Garden, Dublin

Part 8. Lighhouses, Vienna / Babushka, St. Petersburg

Part 9. Windrose, Dresden

Part 10. Windrose - continued, Dresden

Part 11. OEROL, Terschelling island, Netherlands