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Anton Adasinsky on participation in the Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg, 2017

16. 11. 2017, 10:59 | by DEREVO
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Dear organisers of the 6th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum!

Yesterday I spoke with Alexander Sokurov’s office. He does not take part in the forum. The reason for this is a letter signed by deputy of ministry of culture – Vladimir Aristarkhov, which he did not confirm but also didn’t deny. In the letter, several well-known directors, journalists, writers are called unwanted guests at the forum.

I do not see it’s possible for me to speak under the banner of the organisation which is called the Ministry of Culture. The organisation which still stays indifferent to arrest of my friends and colleagues K. Serebrennikov, S. Apfelbaum and A. Malobrodsky.

With all due respect to the participants of the “Circus and Street Theater” section, I apologise to my friends Slava Polunin, Joop Mulder, John Kilby, Horacio Czertok, whom I’ve been knowing for years and also to Natasha Tabachnikova, the organizer of this event. I hope for understanding.

I apologise to my spectators - they will receive information about the emergence (more precisely - about the revival) of street theatre in Russia in a different way. Either at my open lecture in St.Petersburg or through the internet. I’ll let you know in advance.

Please remove my name from the program of the “Circus and Street Theater” section of
VI St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

Anton Adasinsky
Tanztheater DEREVO


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