January 7 – 11 "ONCE...", Teatro Libero, Palermo (I) We kill each other often in the "ONCE..." performance - that is trivial for Commedia Dell Arte
February 5 – 9 "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", LG Arts Centre, Seoul (KOR) Why everything is different in Asia? Why cannot we sleep there?...
February 21 "Süd. Grenze" ("South. Border"), Festival Rencontree Internationales Paris/Berlin, Nikita Kino, Paris (FR)
March 1 / 2 "ISLANDS IN THE STREAM", DEREVO-Laboratorium, Dresden (D), PREMIERE !!! I found out that everyone of us now has a special suitcase for tours - it shouldn't be packed and unpacked every time...
March 5 – 8 "ISLANDS IN THE STREAM", DEREVO-Laboratorium, Dresden (D)
March 11 – 14 "ONCE...", Merlin Theatre, Budapest (HUN)
March 21 / 22 "ISLANDS IN THE STREAM", E-Werk of German National Theatre Weimar (D)
March 25 / 26 "ISLANDS IN THE STREAM", DEREVO-Laboratorium, Dresden (D)
April 2 – 4

"ONCE...", Theatre of the Young Generation, St. Petersburg (RUS)

Windmills are the symbol of desire. The desire to fly away transforms into the energy. The desire of people to see DEREVO in Russia transformed into the right energy...

April 8 – 10

"ISLANDS IN THE STREAM", "Golden Mask Festival", Theatre of the Young Generation, St. Petersburg (RUS)

April 12 / 13

"ISLANDS IN THE STREAM", "Golden Mask Festival", Meyerhold Centre, Moscow (RUS)

April 29 DEREVO action for „World Dance Day", Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (D)
May 3 "Süd. Grenze" ("South. Border"), Cinema Metropolis, Hamburg (D) Physical touch to St.Petersburg is a big job. Not because of a traffic jams. Here are no soulless objects. One have to thread his way through the lines of tension. Inanimate sex.
May 4 / 5 „ISLANDS IN THE STREAM", Malersaal of Schauspielhaus, Hamburg (D) - inside „Russian Culture Days" in Germany 2003
May 8 – 10 „RAZDENJA" - Celebration for five years DEREVO-Laboratorium and one year HERZZ-Bühne, Dresden (D)
May 21 / 22 „ONCE...", Theatre TYUZ, Ekatarinenburg (RUS) - Regional Golden Mask Festival
May 25 / 26 „ONCE...", Theatre „Red Flame", Novosibirsk (RUS)
May 28 „ONCE...", Academic town of Novosibirsk (RUS)
May 31 "Süd. Grenze" ("South. Border"), Festival Nova Pakka (CZ)
June 7 / 8, 13 / 14 „ISLANDS IN THE STREAM", DEREVO Laboratorium, Dresden (D) …the worst days when hands were shaking in attempt to hold crumbling time that is running to different directions as if it were small spiders...
June 25 – 29

"ISLANDS IN THE STREAM", Malta Festival, Poznan (PL)

July 1- 5 "ISLANDS IN THE STREAM", Theatre Rozmajtosci, Warszawa (PL) He takes himself coffee too and we read simultaneously. He's never seen any of "DEREVO" performances due to work/work/work, but he worries and comments the press passionately...
July 25 / 26 "ONCE...", Schlosstage Idar-Oberstein (D)
August 2 - 25
exc. 7, 14, 21
"ISLANDS IN THE STREAM", St. Stephens Centre, Festival Edinburgh Fringe (UK) (Check out the time here) On my way home I always meet The Cat. He has no leg. He’s ginger and lies stretched on the footpath. He needs to be caressed — it’s obvious to everyone...
September 18 "ONCE...", "Greizer Theaterherbst", (D) We arrived in Budapest only to find that there was no Budapest at all. At least the Budapest that we performed in during the last century was no longer there.
September 23. - 28. "ISLANDS in the STREAM", Merlin Theatre, Budapest (HUN)
October 3 / 4 "ISLANDS in the STREAM", Konfrontacje Teatralne, Lublin (PL)

We've had to sort out 428 cassetes. We couldn't stop ourselves from watching the videos. A project "Mayak" (light-house) made in Vienna was found. It was a collaboration with SHAUBUDE Wien company, guys who had AIDS or HIV.

October 18 / 19 "ONCE...", Festival de Leone, Teatro Mercantini die Ripatransone (IT)
October 26 "ISLANDS in the STREAM", Festival Begegnungen, Chemnitz (D)
Oct. 29 - Nov. 1 „LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Reithalle Munich (D), „Russian Culture Days" in Germany 2003
November 17 / 18 "THE RIDER", "Sib-Altera" Festival, Theatre "Krasny Fakel" (rus. for "Red Torch"), Novosibirsk (RUS) "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Munich. Falk Dittrich — lighting designer — is joyfully taking part in the scene "Birthday". At the first performance his shoulder is knocked-out, at the second his brow is cut. At the third performance he does not come out to the stage, but malevolently throws aluminium mugs from his control desk...
November 19 / 20 "ONCE...", "Sib-Altera" Festival, Theatre "Krasny Fakel" (rus. for "Red Torch"), Novosibirsk (RUS)
November 21 "Süd.Grenze" ("South. Border"), Rencontre International Paris - Berlin, Brotfabrik, Berlin (D)
November 22 "Süd.Grenze" ("South. Border"), Festival "SibAltera", Novosibirsk (RUS)
November 27 "Süd.Grenze" ("South. Border"), Baltic Circle Festival, Helsinki (FIN)
December 23 - 28

Anton Adasinsky as "Drosselmeier" in the Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" ballet. Kennedy Center for the Perfroming Arts, Washington, DC (USA) Anton informs: Helsinki, Frankfurt, St.P, Moscow - it's getting dark early, maybe my eyes fail? Well, but the mercury column… it is a nice thing, very vertical.