On June 27 our film 'Sued.Grenze' ('South.Border') will be shown at Moscow international film festival. The venue is Cinema museum at Krasnopresnenskaya metro station. Film will be presented by director - Anton Adasinsky.
June 25  
We played SUICIDE for eight times at OEROL fest. But all the same there are many who couldn't get in. We've already been asked to return here next year, again with SUICIDE. But we'll be back much sooner - just in 10 days. Then we shall be filmed and we shall dance on the water...
Terschelling island. OEROL Festival. This name can be roughly translated as "everywhere". 40000 spectators are awaited here.
June 18  
Thunderstorm is coming. But steamship still hoots in the harbour...

South. France. Rain has just finished. Real summer. We play 'ONCE' at Chateau D'O.

Public is gentle and delicate.


June 9  
Subject of a festival is 'The Booth'. Russian circus' tradition of the beginning of XX century. Raree-shows, rope-dancers, horsemen, woman with a beard, gutta-percha-woman. Some actors finely speak russian.

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