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NOW - 31.12.12 - Happy New Year!

31. 12. 2012, 22:46 | by DEREVO

I want to hear a voice!

Ring me. ring and speak, flatter, wish happiness and good health!

Voice is a Sound!
Sound is Music!
Music will never change, never become stained, and it always will make us get up from our knees and it will dry our tears!

„Hello, do you hear me?“
„That’s great!“
„Happy New Year!“

In 2012 DEREVO has managed to produce three new shows: „Noah’s Ark“, „5th Sun“ and „Sake, Moon and Horse“. The CD „Doppio“ has been produced as well and the new book „DEREVO in Dresden“. Both out sons, Arthud and David are already rushing to the stage… they should better become interested in chess.

We hug you all!!
Never be tired!


28.12.12 - Anton Adasinsky solo performance. Photo - Elena Yarovaya28.12.12 - Anton Adasinsky solo performance. Photo - Elena Yarovaya28.12.12 - Anton Adasinsky solo performance. Photo - Elena YarovayaArthur & David Adasinsky


Text: Anton Adasinsky
Photo: Elena Yarovaya



NOW - 19.11.2012 - Boris Strugatsky

20. 11. 2012, 22:29 | by DEREVO

A. Adasinsky as Don Rumata. Film auditions from 1999 for "Hard to be a God" by Alexey German, based on A. and B. Strugatsky's novel. Photo by S. Aksenov

And so it goes.

Either due to lack of sleep or due to some general weariness but tears came right away when I’ve read „Boris Strugatsky is dead“.

I never knew it would entrain me so much.

He wasn’t a „writer“ or „sci-fi author“. It was just the easiest way to define Strugatsky brothers.

But it’s more complicated.

They were like a transmitter on a wave which is not hitting those who’s „harmless“.

Remember this? We all hear just one voice in each one’s telephone receiver, though we do hear different things. („Disquiet“ / „Snail on the Slope“)

Maybe sometime we’ll find out what their warnings, their discoveries, their predictions were about.

I’ve been pushing the „Snail…“ among all my friends, stoned admirers of Berdyaev, Crowley and Castaneda. But it wasn’t in fashion then.

Please read them now.

Boris Strugatsky didn’t die.

Aliens do not die. It must be some other word. We don’t know it yet.



Text: Anton Adasinsky
Photo: Sergey Aksenov (Anton Adasinsky as Don Rumata. Film auditions from 1999 for Hard to be a God by Alexey German, based on A. and B. Strugatsky’s novel)



DEREVO’s December in Dresden

31. 10. 2012, 22:29 | by DEREVO

DEREVO. Zwischen den Zeiten VII (2012)

According to the long-year December tradition DEREVO performs a series of new works and brings back some older shows at the Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden.

20 - 22 December 2012, 20:00

“Fifth Sun”

new performance by Anton Adasinsky & DEREVO. Stage design by Pavel Semchenko (AKHE)

An abstract tales or myths make children and scientists happy. Common people rather passionately discuss those concerning the End of the World. Like The Flood, The Fire from the Sky, The Mad Asteroid and of course The Maya Calender. The End Of the Fifth Sun is on 21.12.2012. But the premiere is on 20th of December, don’t worry.

Yes, that’s true. Everything comes in its time. To all of us.
Provided that we really do live,
That Time goes only in one direction,
And that I do understand WHAT I’m writing…

This is what I’d like to put in question.


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28 December, 20:00

“Sake, the Moon and a Horse”

Solo performance by Anton Adasinsky with unique improvisations.

„Unique, ‘cos I positively couldn’t repeat them again.“

In the first part an influence of Sake on the perception of the Moon is being examined.
It has nothing to do with a Horse.

In the second part the Moon in a state of Sake is being examined. There’s a Horse appearing in the distance.

In the third part nothing is being examined because of Sake. A Horse nears and turns out to be white.

During final applause it becomes clear that Sake is the name of a Girl.

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29 - 30 December, 20:00


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Tickets available On-Line via SAXTicket »

or by Telephone: +49 (0)351 8893884

NOW - 28.08.2012 - Fringe 2012 is over

28. 08. 2012, 11:27 | by DEREVO

Technical Bobby for MEPHISTO WALTZ, Aug. 2012

One more prize for DEREVO – the Broadway Baby’s Bobby „goes to Mephisto Waltz at Assembly Roxy for their high production values and stunning design“.

Thank you to all who contributed to the perfection of the show!

Lena Yarovaya – stage design
Daniel Williams – sound
Igor Fomin – light
Anna Frumson – costumes
Andrey Bobylev – sunflowers
Max Isaev – chalk stripes which turned to footprints leading up to the sky

Dancers on stage: Nastya, Pavel, Makhina, Anna, Anton

And thank you to all who came to see MEPHISTO WALTZ in Edinburgh!

Nach dem Fringe ist vor dem Fringe!




Technical Bobby for MEPHISTO WALTZ, Aug. 2012.  Photo - Larry Bartfleet
From left to right/top to bottom: Pavel, Makhina, Anna, Nastya, Igor, Daniel, Anna, Anton. Photo Credit: Larry Bartfleet



NOW - 13.08.2012 - An Angel for Anna

13. 08. 2012, 21:24 | by DEREVO

Herald Angel for Anna Bogodist. Edinburgh, Aug. 2012Herald Angel for Anna Bogodist. Edinburgh, Aug. 2012Herald Angel for Anna Bogodist. Edinburgh, Aug. 2012Herald Angel for Anna Bogodist. Edinburgh, Aug. 2012


So this is the news:

The Herald follows DEREVO’s work at the Fringe from our very first visit here with RED ZONE. Newspaper’s critics always come to the shows and always write something about us.

We have been honoured with an „Angel“ for ONCE… and an „Archangel“ for KETZAL.

But yesterday something remarkable happened.

A manager – Anna Bogodist has been awarded with the Herald’s Angel!

It’s her who organised the Russian Season in Edinburgh this year and who brought us, crazy us, all here: DEREVO and DoTheatre and AKHE and La Pushkin and Lidia Kopina and HandMade Theatre…

Hundreds of Emails, phone calls, visas, tickets, adverts, accomodation.

One year of hard labour.

Well done, Anya! Congratulations!

And another rather sad message:

Our good friend Nigel Charnok of DV8 has passed away.

I was hoping to write a couple of words about him but nothing comes out really.

The day before yesterday, during my first dance on stage, I suddenly remembered his moves and just had to smile…

Anton Adasinsky

5* from The Times for MEPHISTO WALTZ at Fringe 2012

11. 08. 2012, 09:56 | by DEREVO


5 Stars from The Times to MEPHISTO WALTZ by DEREVO. Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012

Click to open it as PDF »


Thank you Donald Hutera & The Times



Some further reviews of MEPHISTO WALTZ in Edinburgh:

Thanks to all authors for seeing and reviewing MEPHISTO WALTZ.

NOW - 27.07.2012 - MEPHISTO WALTZ in Edinburgh. Just one week to go

27. 07. 2012, 00:23 | by DEREVO

The Scarecrow stood on the edge of the field. Replacement for his rusty tin-cans was well overdue.

The Wind stole his hat and his coat was ragged.

But joy was always coming in December .

Village children used to make a Snowman right next to the Scarecrow. Right like Snowmen should be: with a tin bucket on his head and a carrot as his nose. The sleeve of the Scarecrow’s coat was then tied to the Snowman’s twig paw and with a happy squeals children were aiming their snowballs at the pair of figures. Maybe children wanted to separate them again.

The Scarecrow was smiling though. Yes, truly. He was smiling.

And then April came on tiptoes and took the Snowman away. Just a twig remained tied to the Scarecrow’s sleeve.

But it’s alright. December will come again. Not quite soon but it will. I can wait.

I can wait.


MEPHISTO WALTZ @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012


Hello everybody!

In just one week DEREVO starts the new series of shows, where?
Yes, of course in Edinburgh. For the eighth time.

Probably there’s no need anymore. We’ve got all the main prizes. Everyone knows us here, except maybe the first wife of the Mayor, ‘cos she lives on Malta.

But the year without the Fringe seems to be incomplete. The Fringe is a running track in time. Backwards. Back to the honest days.

The show’s temper can be hardened by this. Harden, let down, bend and forge again, cling-clang… in our aprons, merrily…

Yes, there’s a risk that the „horseshoe“ of the show breaks. It may happen. That’s why it’s the Fringe.

MEPHISTO WALTZ becomes a joyous performance. I still couldn’t write a proper description text for it. I tried. I know I can do it. But it just doesn’t need any texts.




NOW - 23.06.2012 - School on Wheels Diary 3

23. 06. 2012, 00:42 | by DEREVO

Excuse me for an extremely plain depiction of the complicated theory of Agoraphobia. The subject is definitely worth a deeper contemplation. Maybe I’ll come back to it soon at some of our workshops.

From a very young age a human requires some physical limit of the world.

Something that reminds us of the prenatal closeness. Such space can be a cave, a tree hollow, a city appartment, a sleeping bag… even a canvas tent would be placed next to a tree if possible, not because of the rain or wind. It just seems to give some kind of protection.

Skipping all eight volumes of a detailed commentary on the subject I’d rather leap right to the conclusion: everyone is affected by Agoraphobia, at least with its minimal symptoms. And this is what DEREVO is quite interested for.

In case of the Terschelling island, measuring 20 by 4 km, there’s an opportunity to try out something what hardly fits the indoor training.

For instance that can be practices connected with an extended influence range of dancers on their audience, as well as some techniques of „wide-shot-like focusing of eyes“ or dynamically adjusting the dance according to the distance to a partner or an instant transition to the dance action in front of the audience and many more.

It is stated in DEREVO’s Manifest „the sky begins right from the ground“, well it’s easier said…

Once on a summer day at the Elbe, as merry and damp as I was, I shouted to Slava Guyvoronsky „Why don’t you bath?“. „I wasn’t invited“ he replied.



DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012
DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012
DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012
DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012



Text: Anton Adasinsky
Photo by DEREVO

NOW - 19.06.2012 - School on Wheels Diary 2

19. 06. 2012, 23:08 | by DEREVO

DEREVO has brilliantly performed MEPHISTO WALTZ last year at the OEROL.

But I was somehow uneasy. Not quite settled. Not entirely.

This is the island of DEREVO.

Every blade of grass knows us here.

But the guys didn’t go through that all yet.

They’ve got it delivered directly, the audience, the success.

MEPHISTO WALTZ is a show. Precise and ready-made body.

So now, one year later, they have to attend some other classes: the Street and the Body.

Just as we were doing it then.

In the sunlight and with no music playing back. Same costumes, same asphalt, same wind and a sand…

It just must be.

The steps of a big staircase should not be skipped.

This is a way of learning. I think about it rather often lately.




DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012
DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012DEREVO School on Wheels @ OEROL 2012





NOW - 16.06.2012 - School on Wheels Diary 1

16. 06. 2012, 16:23 | by DEREVO

Meanwhile DEREVO School on Wheels has finished their performances at the ROBODOCK 2012 (you may remember the name from the huge project in Mannheim)…

On June 15th there’s a ten days long performances marathon on Terschelling island begins, at the OEROL festival.

A lot of things was started for DEREVO there some time ago. And a lot of things for the OEROL.

We’ll keep you up-to-date about the daily performances and improvisations.

You’ll see the dunes, the sea, the horses and the Moon and our guys among all these beautiful things…


  • Nastya Ponomareva (Lunis)
  • Pavel Alekhin (Gleb)
  • Makhina Juraeva (Marat)
  • Anya Raicheva (Raja Ancheva)

We wish you and us were there…



DEREVO School on Wheels @ ROBODOCK 2012, Amsterdam (NL) DEREVO School on Wheels @ ROBODOCK 2012, Amsterdam (NL)





NOW - 8.6.2012 - Now It’s Clear!

08. 06. 2012, 22:51 | by DEREVO

Now it’s clear!

First DEREVO poster by V. Kuznetsov (aka-Giper-Puper), 1988

Yesterday, on June 7th at the University Dresden Hospital, a Hero Elena Yarovaya Gave Birth To Our Two Boys: David and Arthur!

Forward there! Set all sail!

Anton Adasinsky

Tour-Plan Updates: St. Petersburg, Terschelling, Dresden, Edinburgh

06. 05. 2012, 12:53 | by DEREVO

Some updates to DEREVO’s tour-plan have now been made, just like Anton ‘predicted’ in his last news.

You may find all updates on the tour-plan page here »

Finally, the schedule for the summer is settled.

DEREVO School on Wheels performs at the OEROL Festival on Terschelling island and at the Scheune Schaubudensommer Festival in Dresden.

“MEPHISTO WALTZ” to be presented as part of the Russian Season programme at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Can’t wait for the Summer 2012…


Photo by Elena Yarovaya




New events in St Petersburg in May 2012. Workshop by Anton Adasinsky + performance by Nastya Ponomareva

04. 05. 2012, 19:58 | by DEREVO

May 12, 2012, 11:00
Open workshop by Anton Adasinsky (DEREVO)
Free entry.

Centre of contemporary culture “FAKEL”, Sofiyskaya ul. 44, St Petersburg, Russia



DEREVO School presents new performance by Nastya Ponomareva:

LUNIS. One Question - May 13, 2012, 20:00
LUNIS. One Answer - May 19, 2012, 20:00

BlackBox Theatre, Kazanskaya ul. 7, St Petersburg, Russia



LUNIS. Solo performance by Nastya Ponomareva (DEREVO School)