25. / 26. January: "THE RIDER“, Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar (D)  
1./ 2. February: "ONCE...", Staatsschauspiel Dresden (D) Metronome works / Tarot Project shootings / Meeting old friends
3. February: "THE RIDER”, Staatsschauspiel Dresden (D)
7. Feb. – 31. March: Rehearsal for new production "Islands on the stream", Theater am Ufer, Berlin (D)
19. March "ONCE...", Bürgerhaus Bergischer Löwe, Bergisch Gladbach (D) Robert Wilson Lecture / "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA" gets it's name
4. / 5. April Anton Adassinski plays "Drosselmeier" in "Nutcracker" of Mariinsky Ballet, "Golden Mask" Festival, Bolshoi theatre, Moscow (RU) "Nutcracker" in Bolshoi / Early preparations to Edinburgh
6. April "ONCE...", Audimax of the University Regensburg (D)
16. - 21., 23 & 24 April "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", DEREVO Laboratorium, Dresden (D)
26. Apr. - 16. May Rehearsals for "Islands in the stream", Dresden (D)
17./ 18. /19. May: PREMIERE: "Islands on the stream", "Dresdner Musikfestspiele 2002", Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (D) Leaving Dresden for summer tour / Roma Dubinnikov' "down beat"...
24.& 26. May "ONCE...", Divadlo Branicki, Prague (CZ)
25 May Anton Adassinsky as "Drosselmeier" in the Ballet "Nutcracker", Mariinsky Theater (St. Petersburg), special performance for the summit of the presidents George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin. Anton's photos with two Presidents, Mikhail Chemiakin & Valery Gergiev (photos were taken in May)
29. May "ONCE...", Posthof Linz (Austria)  
4. - 9. June "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Theater am Ufer, Berlin (D) What a picturesque audience in Berlin
8 & 9 June "Sud.Grenze" (English version), FICA Film Festival, Goiania (Brazil)
10./ 11. June "South.Border", Theater am Ufer, Berlin (D)
12. - 16. June "ONCE...", Theater am Ufer, Berlin (D)
18. June Workshop of Anton Adassinsky, Theater am Ufer, Berlin (D)
25. - 29. June "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Malta Festival Poznan (PL) For the second time in our live we performed in chapiteaux...
13 / 14 July "ONCE...", Sao Paolo (Brazil) Stars are unfamiliar. The ground is red. Houses are blue like the sky...
17/ 18 July "ONCE...", Brasilia (Brazil)
21 July Homage to Antonin Artaud, San José do Rio Preto (Brazil) The action started from colossal jump of Alexey Merkushev onto the roof with a bucket of paint...
23 / 24 July "ONCE...", San José do Rio Preto (Brazil)
1. - 26. August "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Assembly Big Top, Edinburgh Fringe (Scotland UK) Surprisingly the producers took the idea seriously... / "It is an award for outstanding excellence and innovation..."
22 - 26. August "Süd. Grenze", Edinburgh International First Fringe Film Festival, Edinburgh Academical Sports Centre, Raeburn Place, Stockbridge (Scotland, UK)
2 - 21 September "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", Riverside Studio 2, London (UK) After the performance of "La Divina Commedia" Alan Price said "you rule, guys!
22 - 26 October Anton Adassinski plays "Drosselmeier" in "Nutcracker" with Kirov Ballett, Le Chatelet, Paris (F) Meanwhile: Long allnight arguments... / "...receiving as many awards as DEREVO has recently is just immodest..."
16 / 17 November "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", 7.30 p.m., Festival "Impulse", Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf (D) Petersburg. Everyone has become younger... / DEREVO's training had changed our attitude to death and to time.
20 - 22 November "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", 7.30 p.m., Festival "Impulse", Halle Kalk, Köln (D)
23 November ca. 10pm: 10pm: TV magazine "Metropolis" in channel "arte" will broadcast a portrait about DEREVO
30 November Anton Adassinski' Workshop for Festival "Impulse", 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Köln (D)
10 - 16 December "ONCE…", 8 p.m., Theater am Ufer, Berlin (D) One month ago Sri Ram Michael Tamm departed this world... / Two characters of the future film "Twilight" - Fidel and Zzizza are named as responsible for collecting these memories.
13 December Premiere of movie "South.Border", 11 p.m., acud-Kino, Berlin (D)
18 December "ONCE…", 8 p.m., Staatsschauspiel Dresden (D)
25 - 29 December "LA DIVINA COMMEDIA", 8 p.m., Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (D)